Sunday, March 18, 2012

Into the Evening at Fader Fort - SXSW 3-17-12

 A flirtatious conversation under the tent @ Fader Fort. Splashes of green as St. Patty's day pierces SXSW. 
 A sea of hip young folk. Started with the melancholy girl in the bowler and spread out from there - by the time I was done she became much more sociable. 
 Hanging in front of the sound booth at the back of the tent 
 Rapper named Ritz from the ATL. Learned a bunch about him. He likes smoking weed and wanted to know who else does. The only way he knows how to get girls is by lying to them. His mother used to say his eyes should be brown cause he is so full of shit. 
 Didn't catch her name but she was looking for her Speakerboxx. 
Outside the fort as I was headed off to East Side Pies. As the sun was setting line was still stretching long with 1-in-1-out hopefuls behind the barrier, thick with chained bikes. Gave girl my wristband as I figured I would not be back - she managed to pry it over my hand with out tearing it at all - like a pro -  hope she made it.

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